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April 2020

How to Identify Candidates Who Won't Stay

Job-jumping is becoming more and more common, especially among millennials. The possibility of employees leaving just six months or a year after being hired is a growing concern for companies. What can you do about it? We explore three key questions here. 

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March 2020

5 Dos and Don'ts for Reducing Recruitment Bias

Quite aside from ethical issues, bias in the recruitment process may be detrimental to your business. By favouring certain candidate profiles, you risk creating teams whose make-up is too similar. Here are some tips to avoid falling into this trap.

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September 2019

How to Deal with Online Criticism of Your Company

It’s never nice to find out that your company is the target of online criticism. However, there are concrete steps you can take to improve the situation. Our expert provides the lowdown.

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August 2019

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Turnover Rate

Turnover rate is an indicator that’s not always scrutinized with care by small- and medium-sized enterprises – but in an employees’ market like today, you should pay more attention to it. Here’s why.

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July 2019

Does Your Corporate Culture Scare Off Candidates?

Are you struggling to make new hires? If your business sector is booming, perhaps a shortage of skilled workers is to blame... but it’s also possible that your corporate culture is hampering your recruitment efforts. Here’s how you can find out and what you can do about it.

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May 2018

3 tips for dealing with candidates who don’t get selected

It’s not always easy to tell candidates that they haven’t been selected for employment with your company. You need to be astute and empathetic. So, what do you need to do? Here are three tips.

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April 2018

Four ways to make the most of your human capital

Human capital can be defined as all your employees’ talents, knowledge, abilities and loyalty. Considered to be an intangible asset, it also includes their education, qualifications, certifications, professional experience and skills. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your human capital.

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February 2018

Having trouble recruiting staff? Here are five tips for you

Statistics show it - Quebec companies are finding it more and more challenging to recruit qualified workers. Here are five tips to help you with this situation.

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January 2018

Benefits of recruiting employees 55 and up

Do you hesitate before hiring people who are fifty-five or older? It’s unfortunate. At St-Amour, we believe that it your organization should consider giving them a chance. Here’s why.

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November 2017

How to make sure your chosen candidate shows up

You recently recruited a candidate, and your candidate doesn’t appear, and neither you nor your recruiter have any idea why. So what can be done to prevent this from occurring? Here are a few practical tips that might help.

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October 2017

You’re hiring a new employee. Are you well protected?

Good managers should always protect themselves against mistakes that a new employee might make. Here is why.

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February 2017

Ever heard of the right to disconnect?

Today’s smartphones boast impressive features. But is that really always a good thing? And do companies come out ahead when everything is said and done?

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November 2016

4 reasons to use a recruitment agency

Looking for a top-notch employee? Here are four good reasons to use these kinds of services.

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October 2016

Recruitment: Do it in-house or hire a recruitment agency? That is the question!

Make your mark. That will make all the difference to your business, in a context where hiring personnel is a considerable challenge. Here is how to process.

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July 2016

Good questions for effective job interviews

Since you might not have the chance to be assisted by a recruitment agency, here’s some sound advice from one of our recruitment managers to help you prepare your job interviews. Read on to find out what Audrey Chrétien, manager of our Engineering, Production and Logistics team, has to say.

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March 2016

Legal saga on the notice of resignation: Understanding your obligations

Many of us have seen employees leave their jobs to go work for the competition. But what if the employer wants the departure to take place immediately, so as to keep confidential information from being shared?

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January 2016

Demystifying restrictive clauses in employment contracts

Did you know that under the Civil Code of Québec, employees have an obligation of loyalty to their employer that continues even after the contract is over?

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October 2015

Employer branding – new challenges in HR

Product marketing or HR marketing? That is the question!

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July 2015

Head hunter, recruitment agency, or placement agency: how to decide?

As an employer, do you tend to hire professionals to recruit your new employees? Do you know the difference between a head hunter, a recruitment agency, and a placement agency? Do you know how much this type of service costs? The answers to these questions appear below. Hopefully, they will help you to decide which option is best for you.

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