Creating value for more almost 45 years!

Our mission is to recruit the best candidates for the positions entrusted to us. Creating value at every stage of the recruitment process is our promise, and it’s a promise we’ve kept for almost 45 years.

How? With our recruitment expertise and our robust knowledge of the sectors for which we recruit. We also owe our success to the five fundamental pillars that form our foundation.


We are motivated, determined and passionate. No matter the challenges that might arise, we always get the results we need.


Because flexibility, adaptability and sharp intellect are essential in order to meet today's demands.


To build a strong and enduring relationship with you, rooted in accountability, transparency and honesty.


Think differently, be bold, sidestep the status quo: It's our motto for moving ahead and making everyday life exciting.


To deepen our connections, we believe in staying thirsty for knowledge, meeting new people, and taking an interest in what lies ahead.

Our divisions

The Magellan Group is mobilizing to form lasting alliances between employers and candidates.

Rely on Hubble our dedicated Toronto team for positions in Ontario.
Trust Strato, our executive search division, to find your future leader.
Obtain qualified candidates to proceed with your hiring across Canada with our HR sourcing agency ExoTalent.
Predict the success of your hiring decisions with the psychometric tests offered by FlairTech.