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Your talents: the source of your success

As an employer, finding top performers with the right skills for the positions you need to fill is crucial to an organization like yours. This is why St-Amour supports you throughout the stages of recruiting your future employees.
Our custom-tailored approach to the recruitment and selection process, our high-performance technological tools, combined with the talent of our experienced headhunters who know the environment for which they are recruiting, is a guarantee of the quality of our results. We only present you the best candidates through a rigorous selection process!

Guaranteed alliances for flawless recruitment

We’re so confident we can find the right candidate for your needs that we offer an unconditional replacement guarantee on all our placements.

Rely on our recruitment expertise to create the best alliances.

Our role is to connect companies with candidates likely to match their personnel needs. Our recruitment services includes all the key steps for a quality recruitment process:

  • Definition of the position and profile sought (objectives and specifications),
  • Search for candidates by sourcing, and headhunting,
  • Evaluation of applications,
  • Pre-employment checks,
  • Interview with potential candidates and preselection,
  • Help in choosing the most suitable profile for the job,
  • Rigorous follow-up with the candidate and the client,
  • Negotiation of the offer.

We cover a wide spectrum of business sectors:

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time for any questions or for a quote request if you wish to entrust your recruitment to the experts at St-Amour.

Do you want to recruit in Ontario? With Hubble, we have a dedicated team in Toronto for positions in Ontario.
Have you specific needs in recruiting executives and C-Level positions in Quebec, Ontario and Canada? Strato is your best ally!
Do you need to obtain qualified candidates to proceed with your hiring in Canada? Call on our HR sourcing agency ExoTalent!

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