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7 steps that make all the difference

Filling a position is often a matter of urgency. Our teams have developed a proven method that enables us to be effective, without sacrificing an ounce of the quality and accuracy of the profiles we present

1.We put ourselves in your shoes

We listen to you, we precisely restate your needs, and we make sure that we understand your business and objectives.

2.We move heaven and earth ... discreetly

To find qualified candidates, we rely on our expertise as well as that of our local and global networks. We conduct intensive research using powerful technological tools and target specific companies.

3.We select the most promising profiles

We screen candidates by ensuring we respect your criteria while selecting those with the greatest potential.

4.We meet candidates face to face

Virtual meetings have their restrictions. We invite candidates to our offices so that we can directly assess their qualifications, experience, skills and abilities, while acting as your company's ambassador.

5. We only present you with best

Each individual selected comes with a comprehensive professional description: current position, training, experience, achievements, ambitions and, on occasion, that extra-special something we detect.

6. We stay with you right to the hiring phase

According to your needs, we can execute reference checks, conduct psychometric tests, and/or provide counsel during the offer negotiation phase.

7. We are strict on ethics and confidentiality

We don’t solicit candidates from our clients. We respect the confidentiality of intellectual property.

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