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Recruitment is more than a job, it’s a profession. Stringent ethics, a solid methodology and rigorous techniques are its foundation. But generating uncompromising results relies on knowing your stuff; on having an intimate understanding of every detail of the positions you’re recruiting for. And that’s where the strength of our recruiting teams shines.

We know your industry

Because our recruiters have worked in your industry and maintain robust networks, they know its challenges and unique characteristics as well as the current positions available. You can feel confident talking to them. They get you.

Our researchers are also experts in their field. They know how and where to search, and there’s no limit to how far they’ll go to find the talent that will take your business to new heights. It's their job and their passion.

We’re on top of the latest technology

Our teams make optimal use of the tools at their disposal. They optimize their online search time and leverage our up-to-the-minute databases. They’re trained in psychometric testing and advise you according to your needs.

We build relationships

Naturally, we depend on technology. But meeting, sharing and listening are what create a strong relationship and allow us to capture the nuances of a conversation, the subtleties of a particular need and the true potential of a candidate.

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Professional recruitment

Our divisions

The Magellan Group is mobilizing to form lasting alliances between employers and candidates.

Rely on Hubble our dedicated Toronto team for positions in Ontario.
Trust Strato, our executive search division, to find your future leader.
Obtain qualified candidates to proceed with your hiring across Canada with our HR sourcing agency ExoTalent.
Predict the success of your hiring decisions with the psychometric tests offered by FlairTech.

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