Count on experts to recruit experts.

The accounting and finance industry is thriving and is as a result fiercely competitive. To present you with the best talent, candidate selection must, therefore, be executed with the utmost care.
Our financial team of certified professional accountants and finance specialists understands your industry-related recruiting challenges. It brings together extensive recruitment experience and acute knowledge of each position.
For over 45 years, our role is to act as your ambassador and partner. We showcase your assets and guide you at every step of the recruitment process.
In addition, St-Amour provides strategic human resources support to companies in the financial and insurance industry in Greater Montreal through its HR consulting service.

These are just some positions we can help you fill:

  • Group insurance and group annuity brokers
  • Commercial damage insurance brokers
  • Personal damage insurance brokers
  • Underwriters
  • Technical assistant
  • Group insurance account manager
  • Account manager in commercial damage insurance
  • Account manager in personal damage insurance
  • Marketing Director
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Communications Director
  • Finance Director


Do not hesitate to contact our team with any questions or to request a quote if you wish to entrust your recruitment to the experts at St-Amour.


Do you want to recruit in Ontario? With Hubble, we have a dedicated team in Toronto for positions in Ontario.

Have you specific needs in recruiting executives and C-Level positions in Quebec, Ontario and Canada? Strato is your best ally!

Do you need to obtain qualified candidates to proceed with your hiring in Canada? Call on our HR sourcing agency ExoTalent!

3 reasons to choose St-Amour

We make a difference in accounting and finance because:

We know the requirements of the profession.

The bar is high in this industry. Whether technical or regulatory, we know the skills needed to succeed, and we know how to evaluate them.

We know how to attract the best candidates.

We are well established in the industry. Our network allows us to connect with key candidates and attract those with the highest potential.

We create value at every step.

Regardless of the position to be filled, every step is closely monitored to ensure solid and sustainable recruitment.

We are particularly recruiting in the following areas:




Venture capital

Specific funding

Financial services

Corporate financing

Real estate

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