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How to make sure your chosen candidate shows up


You recently recruited a candidate for a top executive position in your company. You’ve already announced the hire to your team by way of an internal memo. But then the start date comes around, and your candidate doesn’t appear, and neither you nor your recruiter have any idea why. It’s admittedly a rather delicate situation, since you have to provide some kind of explanation to your colleagues. This can destabilize some people, especially if your organization is going through a turbulent period. So what can be done to prevent this from occurring? Here are a few practical tips that might help. First of all, rest assured that this kind of situation arises very rarely at St-Amour (less than 1%). And, if it does happen, our guarantee kicks in and we promptly get back to work to find you another candidate, free of charge.

Communicate regularly with candidates

Make sure you keep in regular contact with candidates to prepare them for their new executive job. This means sending all the information they need, including their start date at your company. This is true even if you use the services of a recruiter. Confirm the time and location of your new hire’s first day, as well as the name of the person who will greet them. Make sure they have submitted their resignation and inquire about their employer’s reaction. If you keep in regular contact, you’ll find out about any problems that may have come up and you can express your concerns.

Confirm their presence

To better manage your time and avoid any misunderstandings, remind candidates the day before or even two days before the previously agreed-upon first day so you can confirm their presence. Let them know that they were chosen from among several candidates because you believe them to be the best fit for the position. Cultivating a good relationship may prove to be beneficial to you afterwards.

Call candidates

Lastly, communicating regularly with candidates will enable you to confirm their availability and their continued interest in the new position. If there are any doubts, your recruiter will let you know. After the offer of employment has been signed, contact candidates to welcome them, inform them that their arrival in the company is highly anticipated and their office is already ready, and to provide a glimpse of what they will have to accomplish in their first week of work. You need to make them feel that you are looking forward to them being part of your team. Even before they start, they will already have a sense of belonging.


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