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Having trouble recruiting staff? Here are five tips for you


According to a survey commissioned by the Conseil du patronat in October 2016, Quebec companies are finding it more and more challenging to recruit qualified workers. What’s more, according to Emploi-Québec statistics (October 12, 2017), online placement sites had high numbers of job offers: 6,600 for Quebec City and surrounding region, and 3,400 for Chaudière-Appalaches. With a historically low unemployment rate and 10,000 jobs available in the Quebec City region in 2017, placement agencies are in the best position to meet the needs of employers who are unable to find candidates.

Here are five tips to help you with this situation.

Define your needs clearly

When you draft the description of the position you’re looking to fill, it’s essential that you identify your needs and objectives.  With a personalized, objective and focused recruitment campaign, you can save time and money and land the ideal candidate.

Add some zing to your job posting

There might be a number of companies looking for the same kind of candidate at the same time as you are. In order to attract quality applications that will be of interest to your company, your job posting should use a convincing tone, showcase your competitive advantages and promote your company’s culture.

Ask the right questions during interviews

Having a good list of questions and thorough candidate evaluation chart is key to hiring the person who will do the job well and meet the objectives you have set. The same is true for the competency profile. You’ll benefit from giving this document the importance it deserves and adjusting it as needed to keep it up to date. It’s also important to take sufficient time with each candidate you meet.

Be flexible with the years of experience requirement

You might meet a candidate who doesn’t have as many years of experience you are looking for. Listen carefully during the interview so you can determine whether the candidate has the appropriate experience for the job you’re looking to fill. Keep an open mind. Perhaps the candidate has other qualities or experience that could compensate for having fewer years of experience.   

Seek out the expertise of a recruitment professional

If you believe you know everything about recruitment because you’ve successfully attracted talent in the past, think again! The process of hiring key employees requires much more time than you might expect. Qualified recruitment professionals have the training and experience to get results.


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