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Recruitment: Do it in-house or hire a recruitment agency? That is the question!


Make your mark. That will make all the difference to your business, in a context where hiring personnel is a considerable challenge. Although you might often have qualified resources on staff already, you have everything to gain by making use of headhunters for specific assignments.

Why partner with a recruitment agency?

Your human resources specialists work on many different assignments and recruit for a variety of positions, which leaves them less flexibility to maintain active, targeted networks and deepen their knowledge in particular markets. Your best strategy is to use the services of an outside firm in certain situations:

  • A number of important assignments to be handled in a too short period of time
  • Unsuccessful searches or hires that turned out to be unsatisfactory
  • Limited pool of candidates (some quality applicants want to keep their job search confidential and won’t submit a CV)


The main benefits of using a recruitment agency

Using a recruiting firm enables you to reduce the margin of error and free up your schedule. Through its various networks and types of approaches you can also benefit from:

  • A diverse selection of candidates who have been pre-selected according to your criteria
  • A better understanding of the market, allowing you to adjust your expectations according to current realities (such as salary versus experience)
  • Replacement guarantee in situations of incompatibility or a shift in needs


Transparent process

At St-Amour we believe that the role of a recruitment firm is to manage the expectations and objectives of everyone involved, and to find the right match. To achieve this, we need to start by getting to know your company, its mission and its values, and understanding the profile in line with your expectations (recruitment challenges and daily reality). Then we establish a plan so everyone is on the same page in terms of the phases of the process, timelines (candidate presentations, initial interviews, follow-up, appointments, etc.), and who is involved with each phase.  

Recruitment partnership: The keys to success

Communication, transparency and unfailing honesty are the keys to success. Throughout difficulties and successes, remember that you are business partners, and that the head hunter and talent acquisition expert are working toward the same goal: to find the right candidate! Both parties need to be involved, and they must be part of every phase of the recruitment process.


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