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4 reasons to use a recruitment agency

Looking for a top-notch employee? Companies often use headhunting firms to recruit individuals with a specific profile. Adopting this strategy will allow you to concentrate on your other daily management issues, among many other benefits. Here are four good reasons to use these kinds of services.

1. High success rate

A recruitment agency relies on the experience, in-depth sector knowledge and extensive network of its recruiters. By entrusting your recruitment needs to these professionals, you dramatically increase your chances of success. In addition, results are guaranteed since new hires who don’t stay in position for a given amount of time get replaced free of charge.

At St-Amour, the numbers speak for themselves. In 40 years, we have helped clients fill 12,000 positions, and only 3% of our clients have asked for a replacement.

2. Industry knowledge

Headhunters have often held key positions in the industry for which they recruit. Specialized sector expertise as well as a wide and well-established network makes finding the best candidates that much easier.

For example, St-Amour’s recruiters have worked as managers in manufacturing, food, sales and telecommunications. They have become recruitment specialists for consumer goods, production/logistics and corporate sales sectors.

Headhunters able to offer sound advice are especially valuable. If you need hard-to-find expertise, they can help you rethink your needs and revise your criteria based on reality.

3. Experience with specialized assignments

Let’s talk about a situation where the position to be filled calls for very specific expertise. Say you’re looking for technical expertise and experience selling to scientists in the United States. Finding the right person is almost impossible if you don’t have a technical sales network in chemicals.

Your St-Amour headhunter has such a network, in addition to being supported by a team that pools its networks in various technical fields. The entire team will bring that information to bear, saving you valuable time.

4. Reputation among candidates

To attract highly coveted candidates, you want to work with an agency with a good reputation, which treats candidates as equals and displays a high level of professionalism. You have access to real information: candidates share their views openly and you can talk about your vision for the position.

At St-Amour, transparency, which encourages referrals, is a key part of our strategy. Simply put, good candidates bring other good candidates on board. Our network works for you!

Have you run into any special challenges while looking for candidates with special talents and skills? If you need support, get in touch with us!


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