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Four ways to make the most of your human capital


Human capital can be defined as all your employees’ talents, knowledge, abilities and loyalty. Considered to be an intangible asset, it also includes their education, qualifications, certifications, professional experience and skills. Recognizing and appreciating human capital is important because it enables your company to stand out from the competition, and to remain strong and competitive in its market. You need to see human capital as an asset, just like all your company’s other assets. In today’s cutthroat business environment, the valuation of a company is no longer limited to financial assets alone. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your human capital.

Hire the best candidate

As you already know, successful recruitment is essential to the success of your business, and requires identifying the skills you are looking for. During the recruitment process, take an interest in the candidates’ past employment history and future plans. It is also advisable to tell them about the culture and values of your company, so you can make sure they will be happy working there. You should also ask what motivated them to apply to get an idea of their ambitions within your company.

Provide employees with frequent and systematic training

Providing continuous training will enable you to hold onto your best employees. It should be one of the key elements of your corporate culture. Make sure your employees have access to coaching and special programs they need to progress within your company. A mentoring program can go a long way in this respect.

Define employee goals

It’s important to pay attention to the goals of each and every employee. Make sure you give them challenges to meet so you can keep testing their skills and determine how adaptable they are.

Assess employee performance

Employee assessment should not take place just once at the end of the year. By maintaining good communication and holding regular meetings, you give your employees a sense of belonging and you can help them move forward in other ways. They will feel that you are open to their ideas to improve their everyday work. Also let them know about opportunities for advancement within your company. And most of all, remember to congratulate them. All of their good work deserves to be recognized and rewarded. 

How can a recruitment agency help you?

Our specialists at St-Amour are available to help you determine your needs in terms of making the most of your human capital. We can sit down with your candidates to identify their skills, and then generate a report with which you will be able to make changes within your company, if necessary (training, mentorship or special guidance).


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