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Why hire a professional resume writer?

A professional resume (CV) writer and social media profile optimizer will help you enhance your resume (CV) and profile in order to grab the attention of recruiters. St-Amour collaborate with partners who are experts at this and can make your resume and profile unique, to reflect your individual profile, from the layout to the content. 
This will maximize your chances of getting the desired position in accordance with your career goals.

Here are the benefits:


Enhancing the presentation of your resume

A resume created by experts will enhance your skills professionally, by including relevant content and appropriate keywords specific to your field of expertise. This will ensure that you get the attention of recruiters.


Objective vision of your profile to highlight the essential

An experienced resume writer will help you identify the relevant information to highlight your profile and your background. Reviewing your career path with a professional resume writer will also prepare you for an eventual job interview. You may even realize that your background is much more extensive than you thought.


In line with current trends

Professional writers consider current trends and design your resume to meet recruiters' and employers’ expectations, while ensuring that it is fully compatible with ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), the automated systems used on job portals and by the majority of companies.


Save time and money

Save yourself all these worries and let a professional create the perfect resume in a reasonable amount of time. Consider the salary lost as a result of an extended job search compared to the affordable cost of a resume writing service. Investing in the services of a professional resume writer will help you get a job that matches your ambitions faster with a professional and powerful resume.


LinkedIn profile optimization

Our partners are also experienced in optimizing LinkedIn profiles. Their in-depth knowledge of the LinkedIn network will allow them to leverage each field to bring your profile to the very top of the list of potential candidates.


Recruiter Tips

As an active candidate in a job search process, our experienced recruiters can give you some advice and guide you to make your CV more impactful. If necessary, our experts can guide you in highlighting your experience and skills, depending on the type of position targeted. You will then be better equipped to enhance your CV yourself, by applying the recruiter's advice.
Contact us today to find out more about the terms and conditions and rates tailored to your needs.