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Employer branding – new challenges in HR


Our lunch seminar in October 2014 on employer branding was a big success, bringing human resources professionals and executives together to discuss challenges and share best practices.

The event also included a brief conference by Didier Dubois, expert from HRM Group, who spoke about employer branding and HR marketing. Here are some of the highlights, exclusively for you!

Product marketing or HR marketing? That is the question!

The answer is both. Companies tend to focus their efforts on product brand management. They also recognize the importance of promoting their mission, vision and values, but many questions remain:

  • How to market them?
  • How to attract and retain the best employees?
  • What are the best platforms? Traditional or Web 2.0?
  • What are your competitive advantages? How can you stand out from the crowd?
  • How can you get socially involved?


Positioning is the foundation to success

For successful recruiting you first need to know what kind of candidates you want to attract. Start by identifying what you have to offer. Bear in mind that Generations X, Y and C do not have the same expectations. They all have qualities, but they vary in their ways of doing things and they don’t speak the same language. Position yourself and gain visibility through messages that will truly speak to your candidates.

Create an experience

Make sure that your processes support your direction and that your strategies are easy to apply. For example, why not allow your candidates to gain working experience during the recruiting process? The key is to ensure that this experience carries on throughout their employee integration and subsequent development within the company. A good employee experience will guarantee success for both the employee and for your company.

Your employees are your number one experts

Mr. Dubois guides companies through the challenge of establishing HR marketing strategy. Small businesses don’t expect to have the budget for external consultants. But there’s good news: employer branding is accessible to everyone, because the top experts are within your companies! Organize employee focus groups and ask them about their perception of your company. If you pay attention, you will develop the best ambassadors. But you need to be ready to hear everything they have to say, both good and bad. Your company will be better for it.


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