The advantages of hiring a “job hopper”
October 2018, by Hélène Gauthier

The advantages of hiring a “job hopper”

These days, it’s rare to find anyone who’s worked for more than 10 years in the same job or for the same company. While there’s been less job switching in recent years because of the recession in 2008 (3.6 years in 2006, compared to 4.1 years 2016), we’re convinced that future generations are likely to have careers that are more variable than their predecessors. And we wouldn’t be surprised if this statistic drops considerably during this period of full employment, when employers and recruitment agencies are pulling out all the stops to attract the best candidates.

As an employer, do you think it’s a good idea to invest in this type of candidate? We think so, and we also think you stand to gain from adapting to this new reality. Here’s why:

Their performance is a given

A potential candidate who’s done a lot of job hopping during their career will have often reached a plateau in certain workplaces. They’re looking for new challenges, which means the work they’ll do for you will bring them professional and personal satisfaction. Their broad knowledge and experience are often strong assets for your company.

They adapt quickly

Their past achievements convinced you to take a closer look at their application. The first thing you need to know is that you’re looking at a candidate with a strong ability to adapt to a new work environment. In delicate situations, they’ll know what to say or do to solve intricate technical or strategic problems. They’ll also be willing to step out of their comfort zone to quickly adapt to new responsibilities.

They know their stuff

With their track record of working for companies like yours, they’ve built up expert knowledge of the business processes used in their field, not to mention an understanding of the nuances of their activity sector, which they’ll be eager to apply and develop in the pursuit of your company’s objectives. This can be a strategic advantage for you, especially if you work in a sector where new technologies are constantly emerging.

They’re resilient and adept at managing change

A candidate who’s had a number of different jobs has a higher tolerance for risk. They like to challenge themselves, they have innovative ideas, and they make decisions that can have a positive impact on your company and their colleagues.

So, in order to keep your employees around longer, we recommend that you create a unique corporate culture and offer them professional development opportunities. You also need to give them responsibilities and recognize the value of their work, as well as involve them in decisions about how to improve their workplace. We also suggest that you put them in charge of creating a communication and loyalty plan for your company’s employees, which can only foster their sense of belonging and motivation to keep growing with your company.