Recruitment agency

To find good candidates, it is important to first know the different markets.

Recruitment consultants at St-Amour & Associates are fully knowledgeable in the area of business in which they are advising you… because they have all worked in that particular field before!
This means that not only are they highly experienced as recruitment consultants, but they also possess deep insights into your business market.

Therefore, our recruitment firm can provide, among other things:

  • Access to a vast network of contacts.
  • A personalized approach, with headhunters who grasp the specific parameters of your business market.
  • Professional services provided by recruitment consultants who are able to identify qualified. candidates for very specialized and technical fields.

Over the years, the recruitment consultants of St-Amour & Associates have made their mark in
the following areas:

Don’t let an increase in the workload affect your productivity.  Call on St-Amour & Associates recruitment services!